A living sphere in the void. A convergence point of planes. A world polluted by magic. A battlefield between the forces of good and evil. The Lost Abode of the Cael Alath. The dream that persists. The world in between. Eredim are all those things and more…

The oldest remnants of civilization in Eredim are the ruins of a race of beings known as the Predecessors, the First, or the Cael Alath. No one knows what happened to them. All that remains of them are indecipherable luminiscent hieroglyphs behind glass screens and strange metal artifacts, but scholars believe that the Cael Alath were originally from another world who came to Eredim for its abundance of Adyrium, the crystal which radiates magical energy. Scholars theorize that the Cael Alath used the Adyrium to power their machines and to prolong their lives.

The Cael Alath were the first, but not the last race of sentient beings to migrate to Eredim from another world.

The Aelym

Some say that the Elumeri were wiped out by the god Cael Alath, when he arrived from his voyage across the void.


Elumeri. The Elumeri are believed to be






Eredim is an old world. Much older than the races that call it home now. It is said that Eredim was created in an age hundreds of millenia before men and elves and dwarves came to be, by the Elder Gods, whose names are now lost to time.

The first beings to gain sentience were the treants, the dragons and the giants. Then the elves and the dwarves and the krilith. That all happened in a time which has become known as the Age of Awakening. Those races forged what is now known as the Old World.

The Old World was destroyed when Eredim went through the Age of Frost.

Humans appeared in the Age of Thawing and they would become the rulers of the New World. For a time.

Many dragons had went into hibernation deep below the mountains when the Age of Frost came around.

When the dragons reawoke, it was to a world taken over by what they saw as inferior beings, and the mightiest of the dragons, Mahaladrath, lead his kin on a conquest of the world. Then next 500 years the dragons ruled Eredim and humans, elves, dwarves and krilith served as slaves.

Then the dragon Matalar began the Great Rebellion, and in the end Mahaladrath was slain and the Rule of Dragons came to an end.

The next millenia is known as the Age of Restoration.

After that came the Age of Darkness.

Tales of Eredim